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Here’s the gist.

We believe in easy, livable designs and uncommon finds inspired by fashion. We’re an upstart brand run by a small team of furniture savants on a mad mission to change the way America buys and lives with furniture. Why? Because we believe in better.

We believe that PJs are a perfectly acceptable shopping outfit.
You’re an expert online shopper so why get dressed to buy? We stock our items so you can get them fast, delivered right to your door, fuzzy slippers and all.

We believe everyone should play at least 30 minutes a day.
Homeware is playful, bold and a little cheeky. Because if you are going to take the time to read our website, you might as well enjoy it.

We believe life should be easy.
While we can’t do anything about the drama with your BF or that you are working too many hours, we do everything we can to make your Homeware experience easy. Easy shopping. Easy assembly (if needed). Easy to talk to customer service.
                     …but never boring. ’Cause, well, that’s boring.

We believe in learning from our mistakes.
We don’t make them often, but when we do we’ll make it right – and we’ll figure out how not to do it again.

We believe you can have beauty, brains & brawn
Our furniture and home décor accents are designed to be beautiful, stunning super-models. But there is more than meets the eye with Homeware. Our designs are smart. Using a patented connector, many of our designs can be completed and enjoyed within 5 minutes. And you don’t have to be a genius to understand the directions. Oh, and they’re strong too. Because what is beauty without strength? Flop on them, move them, live with them. Our furniture pieces are rock-solid strong and come backed by a one year warranty.

We believe the perfect accessory makes an outfit – and a room.
You know it when you see it. We search high and low to bring you unique home décor finds worthy of your good taste. Because we like to imagine that when you shop our site, you say, “Ooh! That’s it!”

We believe that “Oh, I have that too!” is not a compliment.
It is a cry to refresh your décor. And we believe that friends don’t let friends buy common furniture.

We believe in Newton’s Laws of Motion.
A company at rest stays at rest and a company in motion stays in motion…we won’t stop innovating. Since our launch in 2013, we’ve launched three new product lines and will keep going… but our velocity is dependent on your happiness. So we do everything we can to show you the love. And, as we grow, the stagnant, boring shopping experiences will shrink away.