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Bernhardt Furniture

In 1889, John Bernhardt, a man with imagination and drive, founded Bernhardt Furniture Company in rural North Carolina. The company started to manufacture furniture out of North Carolinaメs native white oak. Bernhardt's vision ultimately led him to connect with distribut... (read more)
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  • Allure Collection

    Bernhardt Furniture Allure Collection

    A modern approach to neoclassicism, Allure finds inspiration in the forms and shapes of Regency and Louis XVI furnishings softened by subtle finishes on quartered white oak. A subdued palette of white... (more)

  • Addison Collection

    Bernhardt Furniture Addison Collection

    This casual styled Addison collection is relaxed without being frumpy. It's crafted by a manufacturer who is a leader in furniture design. The silhouette is simple and unadorned, which helps keep the ... (more)

  • Axiom Collection

    Bernhardt Furniture Axiom Collection

    With its contemporary appeal and attention to craftsmanship, Axiom is a transitional furniture collection that refuses to play by the rules. Veneers are merged with acrylic and metal accents, making a... (more)

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    • Claiborne Collection

      Claiborne Collection

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In 1889, John Bernhardt, a man with imagination and drive, founded Bernhardt Furniture Company in rural North Carolina. The company started to manufacture furniture out of North Carolinaメs native white oak. Bernhardt's vision ultimately led him to connect with distributors and merchants in large cities such as Chicago and New York City in order to supply sturdy oak bedroom furniture to people who lived as far away as the Rocky Mountains. This eager North Carolina entrepreneur began making an impression on the urban businessmen who would ultimately come to know his reliability and integrity.

Bernhardtメs grasp of possibilities outside his locality and his willingness to work hard enabled his young company to survive and grow. As Bernhardtメs fledgling enterprise built facilities and honed the skills of its craftsmen, the company earned a reputation for making high-quality furniture that was both durable and beautiful. Known for intricate oak-grain finishes, Bernhardt sold thousands of sturdy chests and tables at very reasonable prices, which were loaded into freight cars for transport to cities across America.

The trials and experiences that any young company goes through shaped John Bernhardt's character. His pioneering spirit and personal fortitude are reflected in his legacyラtodayメs Bernhardt Furniture Company. The company still places high value on old-fashioned intangibles such as perseverance, loyalty, social responsibility, and environmental stewardship. Four generations of Bernhardt family members, who have been responsible for the success of this American enterprise, no doubt learned from John Bernhardtメs experience and example.

Bernhardt entered the 21st century grounded in the values that sustained it in the 19th and 20thラyet fully committed to being as fresh, alert, and aggressive as companies of any age. Bernhardt family members continue to be involved in the direction and management of the family business. The companyメs モextended familyヤ also includes more than 1,400 employees who work in Bernhardt factories and offices, as well as the dedicated salespeople who represent Bernhardt in the USA and more than 51 countries. Additionally included as members of Bernhardtメs furniture family are a host of retailers, designers, and decorators who are loyal partners in this enterprise.

Bernhardtメs story is a tale of vision, perseverance, and uncompromising commitment to high standards of doing business. This story continues today with a focus: to anticipate and satisfy the needs of customers who expect the very best furniture for their home or office.