Stanley Furniture

We offer a full selection of Stanley Furniture.  Stanley wants to help you create your dream home not only with quality stylish furniture that’s affordable but also by providing the care and maintenance tools that keep your furniture looking new for generations.

Stanley Furniture is hand-crafted from fine quality woods, and often incorporates other quality construction materials such as aluminum, steel, glass, plastic, leather, and marble. Since wood is the main component, we’ll focus on how it’s used to make fine quality furniture.

Sometimes the name on a piece of furniture describes the finish rather than the type of wood used in its construction. For example, and oak finish can be applied to an entirely different species of wood. Be sure to check the finish color and species of your furniture.

Since wood is sensitive to heat and humidity, floating joints must allow for expansion and contraction. For the same reason, all joints are not only glued but are held by glue and nail.

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