Sealy Mattress Facts

FlameGuard Fiber

 FlameGuard Fiber, a silk/wool blend, is a completely non-toxic technology that utilizes a fiber combination of current Sealy fibers with Visil, a Rayon-based fiber that does not affect the breathability or feel of the mattresses. Visil fiber remains neutral until it is touched by flames. At that point, Visil fibers crinkle, shrink, and bond together to form a fire barrier. In addition, the current sewing and quilting threads used in Sealy beds will be replaced with Kevlar, the same material used in bullet-proof vests. Kevlar threads are non-flammable. The use of FlameGuard certifies the mattress according to California's fire-safety codes.

SuperSoft SealyFoam 

This is a high quality and high density Polyurethane foam with a softer feel. Similar to SealyFoam but softer, SuperSoft SealyFoam is designed to provide better pressure relief than standard polyeurethane foams. Mattresses that feature this foam will retain their comfort approximately 10% longer due to the innovative design process which produces a more uniform cell structure. This uniform cell structure is like the strength and uniformity of building with bricks vs. the inconsistent shapes of stones.


Cushions and conforms to your body for a plusher, more comfortable feel. SealyFoam is made through an innovative process which produces a more uniform cell structure. And it's 10% more durable than regular foam.

Posturepedic Titanium DSx Coil

The latest advancement in coil design, the Titanium DSx is the only single coil innerspring that gives you dual stage conforming support on the surface and deep-down support underneath.

SitRight Edge System

Designed to provide a solid seating edge and optimal flexibility for use on adjustable base foundation systems. 

Increases the usable sleep surface by 10 to 20% depending on size. The form fitted design reduces bounciness, improves support and enhances stability, resulting in longer uninterrupted sleep. 


LiftRight Corner Handles

Fully functional corner handles that make moving your new mattress easier than ever.

StayTight Foundation

A rubberized foundation cover holds sheets in place and stops the mattress from shifting.

CoreSupport™ Center

Sealy Posturepedic mattresses feature the Posturepedic CoreSupport Center, which provides additional support where you need it most. The center third of the mattress (the area that holds the heaviest part of your body) is power-packed to maximize support and enhance all your bed-time needs.

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